The Journey of Our Shipments Across the Great Expanse

Do our vessels voyage to every corner of the world, and at what cost to you, the eager recipient?

Indeed, our ships, mighty as they are, sail to many known harbors. From the bustling ports of the USA to the remote docks overseas, each voyage carries with it the gift of tracking. Yet, heed this well, the winds and tides have deemed South America a harbor we do not approach. Let your heart be light elsewhere, for there’s no fee levied for our journeys nor any tax imposed. A rare boon in this vast world!

The Winds of the Shipping Process

As soon as your order flutters into our hands, our crewmates set to work with the vigor of a hundred storms, leaving little room for course corrections or second thoughts. Your purse will only feel the weight of items we dispatch on these mighty voyages, and any costs the harbors (taxes) demand.

Once our ships have set sail with your treasures, a messenger raven, bearing a Shipping Confirmation, will seek you out.

Our ships heed the rhythms of the world, setting sail only on workdays, and resting on weekends and festival days.

Though most voyages embark within a mere 1-3 days, during high festivals or if a particular treasure is sought by many, our departures might see a delay of up to 10 days. Fear not, for the moment we secure your treasures, they’re dispatched.

For orders of vast variety, some treasures might arrive on different tides due to their origins from varied craftsmen and their distant ateliers.

Tales of Deliveries

From the day we set sail, the fates, and currents dictate our voyage. Most treasures find their homes between 7 to 12 days, though the exact date, much like the mysteries of the deep, remains elusive.

For the curious, here are tales of past voyages, though remember, these are but whispers and legends:

  • Americas: 6-14 days (Excluding South America)
  • The North (Canada): 7-15+ days
  • Kingdom by the Sea (UK): 7-12 days
  • The Southern Land (Australia): 5-12 days
  • The Old World (Europe): 7-12+ days

Mind you, these are but workday tales. While our spirit is indomitable, some forces – storms, feuds, revolutions, or even mysterious customs rituals – might steer us off course, delaying our promised arrival.

Of Foreign Lands and Their Demands:

Lands afar might ask for their own share – in duties, taxes, or fees for their keepers and guards. These tributes, once the shipment docks, are your responsibility. We, humble sailors, have neither influence over these tolls nor the seer’s sight to foresee them. Should a land reject our offerings and send them back, the costs of their rituals and our return voyage fall to you.

Each land has its own ancient laws. To unravel these mysteries, seek wisdom from your local keepers.

A Word on the Maps and Coordinates:

It falls to you, the seeker of treasures, to ensure that the map you provide us – the address – is true and accurate. For once we plot our course, turning back is a feat most challenging.