Returns & Wilderness of Refunds | Kawaii Fashion Frontier

The Quest for Satisfaction: Should the winds of dissatisfaction blow your way after acquiring a piece from our collection, chart your course to [email protected] within a moon’s cycle (30 days) from the day the treasure reached your shores. Lay out your reasons, as clear as the night’s sky, for wishing to return, and our crew will guide you to the next port.

The Mirage of Digital Imagery: Just as the horizon sometimes tricks the sailor’s eye, the colors of our products might slightly shift from their digital avatars due to the whims of devices and their illuminated screens.

Conditions of the Return Voyage: To be deemed worthy of return, treasures must:

  • Echo their original glory and freshness.
  • Remain untouched by the trials of wear, retaining their tags and shields (packaging).
  • Embark on their return within 30 days of their first arrival.

We heed the call for returns when:

  • There’s a twist in the tale compared to the original product narrative.
  • The specters of defects or mismarkings appear.
  • Our compass errs.

Yet, heed this: If the sea chart (size chart) on the product page is clear and the sailor (customer) errs in reading it, the quest for return may be thwarted.

Navigating the Return Odyssey: Send your signals to [email protected], bearing your map (order number), the treasure’s mark (SKU product number), and the nature of your quest. For tarnished or mistaken treasures, attach the evidence in pictographs or moving images (less than 2 MB).

Recompense Ritual: If our ship missteered, we honor returns with gold or an equivalent treasure. Once the returned artifact is in our grasp, our coffers will be open, or a replacement dispatched. For voyages astray due to sailor’s oversight on size, we might consider, though the sailor covers the return ship’s fare. Only the gold paid for the artifact will be returned; the voyage’s cost remains claimed.

The Caveats of Warranty: Treasures like swimwear, adornments, footwear, or those with detailed maps, remain outside the warranty’s embrace unless our ship was off course.

Rituals of Compensation:

  • Return rituals: A wait of 3-6 sun cycles.
  • Gold returns: By the hands of PayPal – a span of 48 hours. Credit Card’s journey: 7-14 sun cycles.

The Cost of Voyages: For returns set forth by sailors, the fare falls to them. For blunders on our chart, our coffers cover the cost. No gold for restocking is claimed.

Crafting & Creation: Each treasure is crafted on order, immutable like the North Star once set.

Chart Alterations: To steer the ship to a new port (change the address), send swift signals with the old and new coordinates.

Marred Treasures: For blemishes or errors, we send forth new artifacts, bearing the costs. Send word with evidence, and replacements sail within a week. Claims held valid for a moon’s cycle after purchase.

Images of the Odyssey: Our cartographers strive for precision. Yet, just as tales grow in the telling, there may be minuscule shifts. Seek our counsel for clarity.

The Lost Ships: Should your treasure get lost in the vast seas, we’ll join the search. Before gold is returned for the lost, we wait two weeks, hoping the winds favor a late arrival.

Halting the Voyage & Returns: Halt your order within 3 hours, given the swift currents of our crafting. Recall, each piece has $9 in crafting magic. Past this window, returns hold back this crafting fee.

For whispers, doubts, or tales, relay your messages to [email protected].