To Those Who Wander Our Digital Wilderness: A Compact of Trust Revised Last: September 26, 2023

In this vast expanse of digital wilderness, there exists a promise, a code if you may, that binds the wanderer and the creator. This compact speaks of how the marks and traces you leave as you traverse our domain are regarded and revered.

By choosing to explore our territory, you signal your respect for this compact. We were guided by the stars and the North Winds (and, of course, the Free Privacy Policy Generator) in crafting this.

Deciphering the Tongue of the Frontier: Words that wear their ceremonial headgear – that is, begin with a capital letter – bear a special weight and meaning. Whether they stand alone or with their kin, they are to be understood in the same light.

The Markers on this Trail:

  • Account: Your very own campfire in our territory.
  • Affiliate: Those tribes, near or far, that dance to the same drums as ours.
  • Company: That’s us, the keepers of this digital expanse – kawaiifashionco, nestled in the wilderness at 444 Alaska Avenue Suite #BTL390, Torrance, CA 90503 USA.
  • Cookies: Not the food of the pioneers, but tiny trinkets left behind to remember the path you walked.
  • Land: We speak of California, the land of dreams.
  • Device: The trusty steed that bears you across our lands, be it a machine, bird-call (phone), or mystic tablet.
  • Personal Echoes: Whispers about you that only the wind might otherwise know.
  • The Trail: Our website, which you can find by following the North Star to
  • You: The brave adventurer, be it lone wolf or representing a tribe.

Echoes of Your Journey: Trail Marks (Personal Data): As you tread through our territory, we might seek tales – perhaps your name, your camp’s location, or the bird-call you respond to.

Echoes of Passage (Usage Data): Every step you take, every sound you make, we might hear. The songs your device sings (like its IP chant), the paths you walked on our lands, and even the duration of your stops are all whispers on the wind.

Guiding Stars and Cookies: Like the constellations above, we use mystical markers to understand and better the trails for the future wanderers. They come in the form of:

  • Cookies: Mystical signs, either enduring (Persistent) or fleeting (Session) that guide our way.
  • Beacons: Tiny lights, akin to fireflies, that tell us tales of those who have come before.

And much like the traditions of old, you can choose to follow the stars or set your own path.

The Purpose of Gathering Your Echoes: The tales and whispers we gather are used to ensure you have the best journey in our lands, to hear your songs and stories, and occasionally, to share stories of our own with you. Sometimes, in the dance of trade and alliances, these tales might be shared with fellow tribes (Affiliates) or wise sages (Service Providers) for the betterment of all.

Preserving Your Echoes: Your tales are treasured, held close but only for as long as the winds deem necessary. Yet, some whispers are more enduring, carried through the ages, especially if they ensure the safety and well-being of the territory.

The Far Reach of Your Tales: Your stories, once shared, may travel far and wide, beyond the boundaries of lands you know. But fear not, for they are shared with respect and care, protected by the very essence of our compact.

Reclaiming Your Echoes: Just as the winds change direction, so can you reclaim or change the tales you’ve shared. Reach out, and we shall heed.

In Times of Upheaval: Should our tribe merge with another, or face a monumental shift, your tales might be shared, but not without due honor and notice.

The Sacred Duty of Protection: Protecting your tales is a duty we bear with gravity. But remember, in this vast digital frontier, no fort is impregnable. Yet, we stand vigilant, guarding what you trust us with.

Young Wanderers: Our lands are not meant for the younglings, those under 13 winters. Should they leave their mark unknowingly, we strive to erase those traces, respecting the innocence of youth.

Beyond Our Territory: There are paths that lead beyond our lands. If you choose to tread them, remember, their code might differ from ours.

The Ever-Changing Winds: The winds, the land, the stars – they all change with time. So does our compact. Should it shift, you will be signaled. The rising sun will mark the day of the new compact.

Hear Our Echoes: Should you seek guidance, clarification, or merely wish to share a tale, the drums are always beating. Reach out to [email protected].